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Printers Row Publishing Group publishes books under three imprints: Silver Dolphin Books, Thunder Bay Press, and Portable Press. Founded about twenty-five years ago, Printers Row Publishing Group has a growing list of published titles and now has a backlist of more than 500 books. Printers Row books are sold in the United States and throughout the world.

Thunder Bay Press, Printers Row's first imprint, published its first title in 1990. Silver Dolphin Books quickly followed. Finally, in 2000, Printers Row purchased the best-selling Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series and created Portable Press as an imprint to house this list. Printers Row Publishing Group is the umbrella organization under which all three imprints operate.

About Thunder Bay Press

Thunder Bay publishes across a wide and varied range of formats and categories, from fun, interactive activity titles and kits on subjects such as origami, cooking, crafts, games, and art to reference books suitable for gift-giving in categories like art, fitness, pets, travel, history, culture, crafts, sports, and nature. Thunder Bay Press celebrates the book in all its forms, and publishes something for everyone.

About Canterbury Classics

Canterbury Classics publishes classic works of literature in fresh, modern formats. From elegant leather-bound editions to innovative novel journals to the best-selling Word Cloud Classics series and more, our extensive collection is sure to captivate and inspire readers and brighten bookshelves.


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