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Author: Benjamin Franklin; Illustrator: E. Boyd Smith; Editor: Frank Woodworth Pine
Explore the memoirs of one of the most inventive Americans in history.
Author: Tony Chapman
Build a complete history of bridges, buildings, and major landmarks!
Author: Simon Heptinstall
Gentlemen, turn your pages!
Author: Lori Baird, Marcel Brousseau, Amber Rose
Take an eye-opening tour of America by flipping through each state’s informative guide to facts, geography, and interesting history.
Author: Sarah Baxter
This book covers a lot of ground!
Author: Rupert Matthews
Bite the bullet and read this book!
Author: Chuck Wills
A complete look at weapons—from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, from spears to swords.
Author: David Soud
From the House of Wessex to the House of Windsor, follow the pageant of personalities that have made Great Britain what it is today.
Author: R. G. Grant
Soar through the only history of aircraft that invites you to build your own!
Author: Rupert Matthews
From St. Peter to Pope Francis, the Apostolic Succession has a long and interesting history. Your every question about all 266 popes is answered here!