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Los Angeles Times—Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up

Los Angeles Times review of Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up

"The photos here are lovely, and it's hard to imagine that Wright wouldn't be flattered. Not everybody can live in a Wright house, but almost anyone can pick up a copy of this book and see his work spring to life."—Your Dog's IQ (9.6 million unique visitors/month) features Your Dog's IQ.

"With the book's 50 tests, Taylor offers ways to measure three aspects of your dog's intelligence: problem solving, obedience and instinct. Sample test: See if you can increase your dog's vocabulary by asking him to fetch specific toys (or tools!) by name."—Columbus and the Ohio State University: Then and Now

The Other Paper: Columbus's News and Entertainment Weekly's interview with the authors of Columbus and Ohio State University Then and Now

“Columbus has lost a lot of buildings, but I think (part of the book’s message is) that there’s still a lot of stories to tell, a lot of great architecture, neighborhoods—pieces of fabric to this city.”—Why is My Cat Doing That? reviews Why is My Cat Doing That?

"Cat behaviorist Sarah Heath does a great job of explaining feline behavior in small, digestible bits. It's basically a picture book and written in easy enough language to be understood by children. But that doesn't mean the information is basic (although the basics are touched upon, too)."